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Thank you for helping us understand the Issues and Opportunities you see for our transportation system. The nomination period is now closed. 

AMATS solicited project nominations within the AMATS boundary for the 2050 MTP.

The MTP identifies, prioritizes and allocates anticipated funding for surface transportation improvements over a 20-year period. Nominations were being accepted May 10th - July 11th, 2022.

An online interactive comment map was the primary tool used for collecting project nominations. Review the comments contributed to the map on the Dashboard below!

2050 MTP Goals & Objectives

Consider our community-defined goals & objectives and performance measures. Review them here!

Project Nominations

Prioritization / Scoring Criteria

Nominate projects that will work to achieve the goals & objectives. Scroll down for info on what and how to nominate!

Projects will be reviewed and scored using the Project Prioritization Criteria (currently in draft), which will help decision makers select recommendations for the MTP.

Projects that will be INCLUDED in the 2050 MTP
(you did not need to nominate these projects):


  • 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) - anything that is approved for the final 2023-2026 TIP (short-term plan) must be integrated into the 2050 MTP (the long-term plan)

  • State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) projects for the AMATS area

Projects that will be NOMINATED for 2050 MTP
(you did not need to nominate these projects):


  • 2023-2026 TIP projects nominated but not included in final TIP - staff will include these projects, save your time and do not resubmit.

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) - staff will include the top 3 transportation projects from Community Councils within the AMATS Boundary


Transportation project ideas for improving how you walk, bike, roll, drive, and take transit in the AMATS area. Resources for ideas include:

  • Current 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

  • Non-motorized Plan - the recommendations layers were available in the interactive map

  • Any adopted Plan within the AMATS area including neighborhood or district plans

Having trouble viewing the Dashboard? Click here to open it directly.

Map Dashboard

For more information on the documents informing the process so far, please see the Documents & Resources Page or the AMATS Webpage.

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