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If you missed the meetings, click on the link below to hear the project team's presentation and learn what comments were made.

  • There were (2) virtual meetings. The presentation is repeated at the 57 minute marker. 

  • Listen as participants voice their concerns.

  • Learn how to use the interactive map to submit your own comments.

Virtual Meeting Recording

AMATS solicited project nominations within the AMATS boundary for the 2050 MTP from May 10th through July 11th, 2022. Nominations were evaluated and the draft projects recommended for inclusion in the 2050 MTP were presented to the Technical Advisory Committee and Policy Committee in a work session on January 24th, 2023. CLICK HERE to review the Draft Project Recommendations!

AMATS 2050 MTP_PIP_Schedule Draft1-11-23.png

Schedule updated on 1-11-2023


The schedule above generally identifies the public comment periods, online surveys and public workshops planned for the 2050 MTP development process.

Meeting with the AMATS Committees, including the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Policy Committee (PC), will occur regularly throughout the process and are always open to the public. More detailed information is provided below.

Thank you for your participation so far. The Project Team is accepting your feedback and input throughout the process. 

For documentation on past public engagement opportunities, including the summaries and comment response records for the recent Public Review Periods on the 2050 Goals & Objectives, Performance Measures & Targets, and Project Prioritization Criteria please see the Documents & Resources Page.

Committee_hierarchy_Committees copy 2.png


​AMATS Freight, Community, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees al​l advise the Policy Committee through the Technical Advisory Committee. Committee meetings are open to the public & the public is provided an opportunity to comment at each meeting. Business items are presented by staff or consultant. After the committee discusses the business item, the public is invited to formally comment.

Learn more about the AMATS Committees here.


The following table shows the action, timing and objective of primary public involvement milestones, as of January 2023. The schedule is subject to change as the project progresses. Remember to subscribe to stay up to date and know when there is new information for you to review and provide comment on. 

Schedule_Detailed PI_1-26-23.png
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