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Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS) is the joint state-local transportation planning authority of the Anchorage Bowl, Chugiak, and Eagle River. As a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), AMATS is authorized to receive Federal Highway Trust Fund dollars. AMATS oversees the planning and programming of these funds to improve the surface transportation system within the urbanized area of the Municipality of Anchorage. AMATS must develop the next federally required, four-year update of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) with a 20+ year planning horizon. 

The purpose of the MTP update is to support and develop a transportation network that effectively moves people and goods, maintains residents' high quality of life and a strong economy, and reflects community priorities. 

The 2050 MTP will meet all federal requirements while focusing on developing the area's transportation future through optimization, collaboration and flexibility with the ability to adapt and evolve to changing circumstances. 

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2050 MTP

The 2050 MTP is being developed over three years and includes four main phases, described below.

Milestone data, documents and assessments are listed under each phase. 
Public Input is essential to this process and will be part of every phase of MTP development.

See the Participate page for more information on how and when you should get involved!

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Goals & Objectives,

Performance Measures & Targets

  • Guiding Principles - how we approach the process

  • Vision Statement - where we want to be

  • Goals & Objectives - what we want

  • Performance Measures & Targets - how we know we got there


Data Collection, 

Issues & Opportunities Identification

  • Status of the System - what we have

  • System Deficiency Summary - what needs to improve

  • Transportation Network Evaluation - how it performs


Modeling, Scenario Planning,


  • 2050 Model Runs - what will 2050 be like based on today's trends?

  • Performance Based Scenarios - what are our possible futures?

  • Alternatives Analysis - how do we best respond to current and anticipated needs?

  • Project, Strategy & Phasing Considerations - how do we get the network we want?

  • Community Impact Assessment, Safety & Security and Environmental Justice Assessment - keeping the community's best interests at the forefront 

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Implementation Plan, Financial Plan,

2050 MTP

  • Project & Strategy Recommendations - what  we need to build the desired network

  • Phasing & Implementation Plan - specific steps to build the desired network & implement policy recommendations 

  • Financial Plan - how it will be funded, matching costs with anticipated revenue

  • 2050 MTP - put it all together

We Are Here

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