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The 30-Day Public Review Period is open now for

the Draft Performance Measures and the Draft Project Prioritization Criteria!


Public Review is open March 1st - 31th, 2022 

Performance Measures make the 2050 MTP Goals & Objectives trackable, allowing progress to be measured over time. They will help us know if we are achieving our goals. 


STEP 1. Review the Draft Performance Measures HERE

STEP 2. Consider the usefulness of the proposed draft local performance measures (does tracking this measure meaningfully help AMATS make progress on the objective?) 

STEP 3. Submit your feedback by filling out the PERFORMANCE MEASURES COMMENT FORM (click here).


Project Prioritization Criteria will be used to evaluate potential transportation projects to decide which should be recommended in the 2050 MTP. They give us a high-level look at which projects support our goals and objectives.

STEP 1. Review the Draft Project Prioritization Criteria HERE

STEP 2. Consider the criteria's applicability to the 2050 MTP Goals & Objectives and the point distribution. Please review and provide input on the blue-filled cells only, as they are local performance measures unique to AMATS

STEP 3. Submit your feedback by filling out the

If you do not wish to use our online forms, you may provide your input by:

  1. Emailing your comments to

  2. Sending your comments by mail to:
    Permit & Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road, PO Box 196650, Anchorage AK 99519-6650

For more information on the draft documents out for public review, please see the AMATS Webpage or Click Here to watch a recording from the February 10th AMATS Technical Advisory Group Meeting.

At that meeting, AMATS Staff and the Project Team explained the development and review approaches to the Draft Performance Measures and the Draft Project Prioritization Criteria. 

The Presentation begins at 20:04 minute mark.

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